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Prevent Breast Cancer with Iodine and Iodide

by Jonathan V. Wright M.D. | November 2017

Kill Breast Cancer Cells With Iodine

While it’s true that eating broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, bok choy and other vegetables usually termed “cruciferous” or “brassica” helps cut breast cancer risk, very likely the most important way to prevent cancer is with the mineral iodine in either of its forms. Technically, the word “iodine” actually refers to two iodine molecules “stuck together” (in chemical terms “I2”) very similar to oxygen, or O2. Closely related—but not exactly the same as iodine—is “iodide”, which actually means just one iodine molecule, usually associated with a sodium or potassium molecule. These molecules are termed “sodium iodide” (“NaI”) and “potassium iodide” (“KI”).

Curing Fibrocystic Breast Disease—A Case Example

by Jonathan V. Wright M.D. | November 2017

As mentioned in my article Prevent Breast Cancer with Iodine and Iodide, in the 1960s and 70s Dr. John A. Myers taught physicians in these United States how to cure 100% of women suffering from fibrocystic breast disease, even the worst cases. Here’s an example from the 1990s.

“I want to hug my husband and children on more than one or two days each month without hurting,” Jenny Bauer said. “It’s getting worse all the time. For a while, I thought the vitamin E my gynecologist told me to take was helping, but now it’s worse than ever. She tells me it’ll get better after menopause, but that’s fifteen or twenty years away! My friend said you helped her, so I thought I’d at least try, even though her problem wasn’t near as bad as mine is.”

Aspartame—The World’s Best Ant Poison

by Jonathan V. Wright M.D. | November 2017

(Originally printed in the June 2006 Idaho Observer, contributed by Jan Jensen of WELLthy Choices.)

Many of us have read the article below before. If so, please also consider “going to” www.tanyacrosby.com/straight-talk-about-aspartame/ for considerably more information about this neurotoxin.

Vitamin E And Selenium Eliminate “Osgood-Schlatter’s” Disease

by Jonathan V. Wright M.D. | November 2017

Last month the “lead” article was prefaced by the phrase “When will they ever learn?”, lamenting that even though successful prevention and treatment of toxemia of pregnancy had been developed in the 1960s by Dr. Tom Brewer, “mainstream” medicine is still ignoring it over 50 years later!

This month, I’m happy to report that it’s taken only 19 years (or maybe even less) since the publication of the note below for a safe, successful, entirely natural treatment to be noticed and used by a company concerned with this disease. This certainly doesn’t mean that the “medical mainstream” is “fully on board” with this treatment, but (as is said) “it’s a step in the right direction”.

The Hidden Meaning of ‘‘Strep Throat’’

by Jonathan V. Wright M.D. | November 2017

Most of us know what a “strep throat” is; many of us have personally experienced it, sometimes more than once. For the one person reading this who doesn’t know, “strep throat” is a painful (sometimes severely painful), swollen, intensely red throat infection. If tonsils haven’t been removed, they’re quite red and swollen too, and sometimes have patches or streaks of pus. Lymph glands in the neck are swollen, there’s usually fever, sometimes headache, and very occasionally body aches, a rash (often called “scarlet fever”), and nausea and vomiting.

Why Type 2 Diabetics Should Never Be Given Insulin

by Jonathan V. Wright M.D. | November 2017

Fortunately prescribing insulin injections for type 2 diabetics appears to be “on the wane” in mainstream medicine, but every once in awhile someone comes to Tahoma Clinic who’s been prescribed insulin injections to “better control” their type 2 diabetes. I tell these few individuals that this practice is an excellent example of “short term gain, long term pain” so often caused by mainstream treatments which all too often “treat the symptoms, not the cause.”

The Cause Of, Cure For, and (Most Importantly) How To Prevent Pre-Eclampsia and Eclampsia Has Been Known For Decades

by Jonathan V. Wright M.D. | October 2017


Many readers of Green Medicine Newsletter are old enough to remember “Where Have All The Flowers Gone”. (If it’s not in memory, the lyrics can be read or heard “24/7” @ https://genius.com/ Pete-seeger-where-have-all-the-flowers-gone-lyrics, among very many other places). The last two lines of each verse – repeated above the title to this article – lamented that some of us refuse to learn.

Unfortunately, “mainstream” medicine refuses to learn about safe, effective treatments that aren’t patentable or surgical. This newsletter has documented many examples:

  • Dramatically reducing heart attack and stroke risk by regular blood donation (June 2016)
  • Curing even near-fatal infections with ultraviolet blood irradiation – a very safe procedure (July 2016)
  • Curing gestational diabetes within two weeks in 25 of 27 women (92%) with vitamin B6 (August 2016)
  • Eliminating osteoarthritis symptoms and preventing joint replacement surgery with niacinamide (September 2016)
  • Successful treatment of a significant percentage of those suffering major depression with the mineral rubidium (November 2016)
  • Stopping and more often reversing vision loss in ~70% of those with “dry” macular degeneration, done since the 1980s at Tahoma Clinic (December 2016)
  • Reversing osteoporosis naturally (February 2017)
  • Significantly improving COPD in women, based on research done byDonaldMassaro and Gloria deCarloMassaro at the Lung Biology Laboratory of Georgetown University School of Medicine (May 2017)
  • “The Dietary Supplement 4-MU (4-Methylumbelliferone) is an Effective Chemopreventive and Therapeutic Agent for Prostate Cancer”, research done at the University of Miami, published in 2015 (August 2017)
  • History of the (unpatentable) D-mannose cure for 85–90% of all urinary tract infections (September 2017)

Yet another medical journal article1 and an editorial2 published August 17, 2017, in the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) re-emphasized that “mainstream” medicine refuses to learn. Both articles were about lowering risk of “pre-eclampsia” – also called “pre-toxemia” – in pregnant women with aspirin.

Successfully Eliminate Over 80% Of Colds And Influenza in Three Days or Less (And Maybe Just Prevent Them)

by Jonathan V. Wright M.D. | October 2017

It’s October, and the “colds and flu season” isn’t far away. Wouldn’t it be nice to eliminate colds and flu and all their symptoms in just two or three days, with vitamins many of us are taking every day? Wouldn’t it be even better to prevent colds and flu from happening? Even better, both of these goals can be achieved with inexpensive vitamins most of us take every day anyway!

The History of the D-mannose Cure for Urinary Tract Infections

by Jonathan V. Wright M.D. | September 2017

While it’s well-known that comprehensive bio-identical hormone replacement therapy was first used in clinical practice at Tahoma Clinic, it’s not as well known that the safe, natural cure for approximately 90% of all bladder infections also was used for the very first time in clinical practice at Tahoma Clinic in the 1980s.

At that time Tahoma Clinic was located in what was then semi-rural (farms, homes, and the occasional small sub-development) Kent, Washington. A couple—we’ll call them Mom and Dad—came in with their daughter who wasn’t more than nine or ten years old, likely younger. Even though neither Mom nor Dad was an engineer or accountant, Mom brought in several three-ring binders with her daughter’s medical records neatly separated into categories, including nearly every doctor visit, lab test, and hospitalization she ever had.

Are Physicians Given Financial Incentives to Vaccinate Our Children?

by Jonathan V. Wright M.D. | September 2017

Could this really be true? This is what was published at the Wellness and Equality website: “After a reader sent us a link to a PDF file of Blue Cross Blue Shield’s Physician Incentive Program available online, Wellness & Equality learned that insurance companies pay pediatricians massive bonuses based on the percentage of children who are fully vaccinated by age 2.” 

Brain Maintenance: Out with the Old, in with the New!

by Jonathan V. Wright M.D. | August 2017

What if we could slow the process of cellular aging and even reverse it, at least partially? What if we could eliminate older, malfunctioning cells anywhere in our bodies—including our brains—more efficiently, and then stimulate the growth of new, young replacement cells, which could, in turn, become older more slowly, and be more efficiently removed when their “time has come”? Chances are good we’d all live healthier and for longer, too.

Carnosine: Reversing Senescene

What’s “cellular senescense”? We all know that “senile” in humans means not just getting older, but becoming less functional both mentally and physically. We’ve also been aware, likely from childhood, that all of our body’s cells are completely replaced over time, some (such as skin) relatively rapidly, and others (such as bone) much more slowly. So what’s new about cells getting older, developing into “senile cells”? 

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