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What Is Green Medicine Newsletter?

Green Medicine Newsletter is a monthly publication, available in print and digital formats, that provides subscribers with the very best and latest research and advice from one of the pioneers of natural medical protocols, Jonathan V. Wright M.D.

For anyone interested in treating disease using natural modalities or those looking to maintain health using a diet-based approach, Green Medicine Newsletter will give you the information you need to take control of your health – Naturally. If you are not yet a subscriber, click the button below and begin your journey with this monthly, life changing publication.

What Just A Few Of Our Valued Subscribers Say…

I would like to thank Dr. Wright for introducing me to d-Mannose through his (Green Medicine) newsletter. This product has literally saved my life. I have Lupus and am subject to various infections all the time, and cystitis is one of the most frequent and most incapacitating. There was a time in my life when a trip to the doctor was on my to-do list every week! I had been given so many antibiotics that they no longer gave me any relief and I even developed allergies to most of them.

Ever since I have had d-Mannose in my cupboard, I haven’t had to call the doctor (not even once) for a bladder infection. I am eternally grateful for your Green Medicine Newsletter and the information it provides.


You continue to make this website so practical and usable and helpful. Not only access to the past Green Medicine Newsletter issues in PDF form but the INDEX to quickly find what Dr. Wright’s recommendations are on many ailments. It is nothing less than fantastic.

This is a Physician who wants to help people and find the help they need. We thank you for your continued enhancements to the membership site.

Robert M.