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A Drop a Day Can Keep Breast Cancer Away

October is said to be “Breast Cancer Awareness Month." Yet with all the publicity (and fund-raising) about breast cancer before and during October, we rarely (if ever) see or hear about research done and reported from several countries, which tells us that breast...

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Breast Feeding Lowers Risk of ADHD

Feeding infants human milk is the plan of Nature and Creation. Feeding infants the milk of another species (usually cattle) makes no sense at all. Calves can walk right away after birth; humans can’t walk at all during their first year or more of life. Human infants...

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Food Allergy, Food Sensitivity and Illness

In the first edition of his breakthrough book Basics of Food Allergy, Dr. James Breneman (at the time, Chairman of the Food Allergy Committee, American College of Allergy1) wrote: “food allergy can do anything to any part of the body.”2 (He noted that he did not mean...

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