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Cellular Rejuvenation Therapy

Since 1994, Tahoma Clinic has used "cellular rejuvenation therapy", another major approach to health optimization and improved longevity. You may have heard or read in 2014 about research from Harvard, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Stanford, and the University of...

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Depression, Amino Acids, and Rubidium

For over 40 years, my observation has been that low levels of essential amino acids are one major cause of depression. Among very many other things, our bodies use amino acids to make the large majority of "neurotransmitters", molecules which help nerve cells to...

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Fingernails & Hair

Are you a woman whose nails split, crack, chip, peel, or "layer back"? Have you tried every vitamin, mineral and herbal supplement anyone ever suggested, but achieved very little improvement? You've even had your thyroid function tested because one of your friends...

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