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Opened For Inspection?

On-line booksellers have shipped me very numerous books since new and used books became available on-line. There's never been a problem with any of those shipments. But recently, a surprise! A notice was stamped on the plastic bubble lined envelope in which a book was...

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Reducing High Blood Pressure: A Case

"I'm always nervous when I see a doctor…" Fred Keyser said "…so I brought my blood pressure records with me. I take my blood pressure at home. It's always lower than at the doctor's office, but without medication it's still too high. So Susan here…" he gestured to his...

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Stop That Bedwetting!

Last month's Green Medicine Newsletter reviewed research by Dr. James Breneman-who was for years Chair of the Food Allergy Committee of the American College of Allergists-who reported that 100% of all "gallbladder attacks" could be eliminated by eliminating the foods...

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