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Letter to Green Medicine Newsletter

Dr. Wright: I've now recommended Lithium Orotate to a large social media audience that I have, and hundreds have purchased it and started to take it, many with very positive results. I have also told everyone to take an omega oil (fish/hemp/flax) and vitamin E oil....

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Cell Phones and Your Health

No one—especially me—can be expert about everything. Becoming an expert usually requires years of study and experience. By contrast, becoming expert about maintaining our own health is simple: just Copy Nature! Nature has already “done all the work”, to achieve the...

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Curing Disease is Bad for Business!

Appears more of us are waking up (as it were) to the real purpose of the “health care industry” in these United States. An article on this topic by Milton Packer, M.D. follows this brief note. Dr. Packer is not a “natural medicine doctor” or one of those “health nut...

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Letter to the Editor

Dr. Wright I have come across a most intriguing book, and I’m interested in your opinion of it. The book is The Plant Paradox, by Stephen Gundry, M.D. The book makes a case that many of our modern ills are due to over-consumption of lectins, or plant-based proteins....

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