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Treating Alcoholism

Mary Carter had been to Tahoma Clinic several times before, but not with her husband Tom. They sat down and looked at each other, appearing to hesitate about who would talk first. I waited. "Best to just say it, I guess," Tom started. "I'm alcoholic, probably always...

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Avoiding Gluten is Harder Than You Think

Various Forms of Gluten Are Found in Far More Grains Than Most People Realize By Dr. Sina McCullough Reprinted from The Epoch Times, February 17, 2022 issue Have you tried a "gluten-free" diet and it didn't work? Maybe it didn't help you lose weight or reverse your...

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Preventing Recurrent Infection

"Every year for the last six or seven I've gotten at least half-a-dozen colds, the flu once or twice, and bronchitis at least once," Jenny Wallgren said. "I've taken so many antibiotics I'm on a first-name basis with all my pharmacists. One of them even asked me out!...

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Q&A with Dr. Wright

Q: My grandson...10 months old...was breast-fed for seven months, and now is on soy formula and baby-food in jars. I've just heard a nutritionist say that people shouldn't eat non-fermented soy…. What is your understanding of how healthy soy formula is for babies?...

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The War on Women’s Breasts

There are two publications—Nexus Alternative News Magazine (Australia) and The Epoch Times (USA)—which contain some of the most useful information (in only my opinion of course) about health and self-health care that are of course recommended to readers of Green...

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