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Townsend Letter

As many know, considerable reading and continuous learning is needed to do as well as one can in many professions, including medicine. Formal schooling is often a start; after that, doing the best job requires considerably more. One of dozens of publications read by...

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Ursolic Acid: Summary of Potential Uses

Some of us have read, heard, or see something about "ursolic acid", a little-used nutritional supplement available at health food stores, the Tahoma Dispensary, and on-line. Ursolic acid is "widely found in nature in the peels of fruits, as well as many herbs and...

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Socialism is Bad for Your Health

Green Medicine Newsletter is about health and healthy longevity, and definitely not about politics. However, when politics is bad for our health-as in the situation described below-and we can prevent illness or even death (no kidding, read what follows) then Green...

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Stop That Bedwetting!

Dr. James Breneman was at one time Chairman of the Food Allergy Committee of the American College of Allergists, who also published in 1978 the book Basics of Food Allergy. In that book, he wrote1 about bedwetting and food allergy: "Of the 100 patients subjected to...

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Aluminum in Vaccines

Physicians for Informed Consent (PIC), an educational nonprofit organization focused on science and statistics, has just released its Aluminum Vaccine Risk Statement (VRS) entitled "Aluminum in Vaccines: What Parents Need to Know." This educational document (reprinted...

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