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Trouble Sleeping?

Some of us have problems sleeping some of the time, some much of the time, and a few of us almost all the time. Here are some things to consider that have helped many of us sleep. #1: Acetic acid. (Not kidding!) Learned this from Dr. D.C. Jarvis's book "Vermont Folk...

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A Cure For Osteoarthritis, Reprinted

Apologies to longtime readers for reprinting this article, which has appeared in this and other newsletters very occasionally, however have learned from listening to many that most of us don’t know about Dr. Kaufman’s cure for osteoarthritis. Interview: William...

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Reversing an Autoimmune Disease, Part 1

Recently, I became acquainted with Dr. Sina McCullough, creator of the healing program "GO WILD: How I Reverse Chronic and Autoimmune Disease", author of “Hands Off My Food!: How Government and Industry Have Corrupted Our Food and Easy Ways to Fight Back” and “Beyond...

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Reversing an Autoimmune Disease, Part 2

How I Reversed an Autoimmune Disease True Healing Can Come When the Heart is Relieved of Toxic Emotional Burdens By Dr. Sina McCullough, Ph.D. In the first part of her discussion of auto-immune disease reversal, Dr. McCullough shared the story of how she nearly died...

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