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A Child With Recurrent Ear Infection

"We just don't want tubes put in Joshua's ears," Donna James said. "But he just keeps getting earaches. He had the first one when he was only six months old, and he's had over a dozen of them since. We've given him quarts of antihistamines and antibiotics, but the...

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Letter to the Editor

Dr Wright, I just read your article re: BEC 5. I had a very positive experience using it for my father's Actinic Keratosis a couple years ago. He had been getting freezing treatments periodically for years. I inquired whether they would try BEC 5, and they suggested I...

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Dry Skin Is Not A Skin Lotion Deficiency

As anyone who watches television for more than a few nanoseconds knows, we Americans seem to be suffering from an epidemic of dry skin. "Oil of Olay", "Nivea", and countless other lotions are relentlessly pitched to consumers, mostly women, to keep their dry skin...

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Reducing Alcohol Cravings With Lithium

One of the many ways lithium exerts its effects in humans and animals is by reducing brain cell death (for the technically inclined, "apoptosis") when the cells are exposed to neurotoxins. In addition to the potential neuroprotective benefits of lithium in the...

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