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Can Your Own Body Make Enough Vitamin B3?

What's this? We all learned in school that our bodies can't make vitamins; vitamins are essential nutrients that our bodies can't make internally, we must get them from our food. If we need more than what's in our food, then vitamin supplements can be added. So what's...

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Herpes Simplex, Herpes Zoster

"It's this herpes thing," Jim McAllister said. "It's breaking out more and more often. Between herpes and work and kids, Judy and I haven't gotten together in months. I don't know if she's frustrated, but I am." "I've been just as frustrated trying to get him to see...

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Introducing “Gastropause”

We’re all aware—especially women—of menopause, when women’s ovaries reduce and then stop secreting estrogens, progesterone, and a bit of testosterone. Men’s testosterone levels decline with time (a process termed “andropause”) of course much more slowly than women,...

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A Drop a Day Can Keep Breast Cancer Away

October is said to be “Breast Cancer Awareness Month." Yet with all the publicity (and fund-raising) about breast cancer before and during October, we rarely (if ever) see or hear about research done and reported from several countries, which tells us that breast...

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