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Don’t Drink That (Fluoridated) Water!

In 2006, the National Research Council of the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine released a 450-page document reporting their findings about fluoride and toxicity. It warned of possible damage to the brain and other health effects from exposure...

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Vinegar For Better Health

In the mid-1950s D. C. Jarvis M.D. published "Folk Medicine", a book which sold over a million copies. Even though he was an M.D. graduate of the University of Vermont Medical College, he learned about the effectiveness of many aspects of Vermont folk medicine while...

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Niacinamide Reduces Skin Cancer Risk

In 2015, Australian researchers reported1 that only 500 milligrams daily of niacinamide taken daily reduces skin cancer risk significantly. They started their research abstract pointing out that niacinamide enhances DNA repair and prevents ultraviolet radiation from...

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