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Herpes Simplex, Herpes Zoster

"It's this herpes thing," Jim McAllister said. "It's breaking out more and more often. Between herpes and work and kids, Judy and I haven't gotten together in months. I don't know if she's frustrated, but I am." "I've been just as frustrated trying to get him to see...

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Introducing “Gastropause”

We’re all aware—especially women—of menopause, when women’s ovaries reduce and then stop secreting estrogens, progesterone, and a bit of testosterone. Men’s testosterone levels decline with time (a process termed “andropause”) of course much more slowly than women,...

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A Drop a Day Can Keep Breast Cancer Away

October is said to be “Breast Cancer Awareness Month." Yet with all the publicity (and fund-raising) about breast cancer before and during October, we rarely (if ever) see or hear about research done and reported from several countries, which tells us that breast...

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